▶ Let’s Play: Dinoropa

My first videogame ever was this weird edutainment thing called “Dinoropa”. It was co-funded by the german ministry of foreign affairs, and it tried to make children learn stuff about Europe, in particular about the twelve members of the European Union. Did I mention this game is old? Also, there are dinosaurs, which have nothing to do with anything.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t really seem to have a spot in gamers’ hearts nowadays. Probably because it is not really good even for 1994’s standards. But still, I think there should be at least something about it on the Internet. So I did a quick Let’s Play on it some time ago.

It’s only in German, because the game is too and I don’t feel confident enough about my English for translating everything on the fly. If you don’t speak German, you might still enjoy the weird minigames and the onboard speaker representation of the national anthems of all the twelve EU members.


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