The legal stuff

This page is created and maintained by

Stephan Hillebrand
Hochschulstraße 48
01069 Dresden (Germany)

My E-Mail address is stefh123 [at] yahoo [dot] de. Alternatively, you can contact me via Jabber/XMPP: rpgbash [at] jabber [dot] ccc [dot] de

About me

I’m a bit of a nerd. Well, okay, you probably guessed that.

My interests range from video gaming over tabletop role-playing games and classic board games to war games – mostly Advanced Squad Leader, but I might branch out to other WWII games in the future. In the role-playing area, I like really unique Indie Games like FIASKO or Dogs in the Vineyard, those games that focus on very specific themes and do them really well. I’ve been trying to get into the Dresden Files RPG for a while, but so far all my groups have disintegrated fairly fast, which is mostly my fault. Continuing to Video Games, I could gush about SpecOps: The Line all day, and I spend way too much time in World of Tanks.

Also, I like Doctor Who, Battle Star Galactica, Neon Genesis Evangelion (and no, I do not understand what the hell is going on), Douglas Adams, TV Tropes, trains, programming and a whole bunch of other stuff. On my blog, you should probably expect the unexpected.


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