BioShock Infinite

You should definitely get today’s Humble Bundle.

Just as a heads-up for those of you who do not keep an eye on the Humble Bundle page all the time: The new offer (valid for two weeks from now) is really worth its money.

You can get the whole BioShock series, SpecOps: The Line, XCom Enemy Unknown and XCom Declassified, Mafia II and The Darkness II if you pay 20$ or more, and if you pay more than the average customer (which would mean about 6$ right now), you get everything minus XCom: EU and BioShock Infinite.

In my humble opinion, SpecOps: The Line alone is worth getting this bundle. In case you missed the praise it got in shows like Zero Punctuation and Extra Credits, I’d like to gush a bit about its great, fascinating storytelling, but that would probably spoil the entire thing. Let’s just say what might at first look like a generic Modern Warfare knockoff develops into deep, psychological horror that deconstructs the current video gaming scene, jingoism and current US foreign policies, while still being entertaining to play. Unfortunately, it got some bad reviews due to the bad multiplayer mode (which the devs didn’t really want to put into the game). But it’s a game that really, really deserves to be played.

Get it here.