(I messed up the Flickr share because I blogged this from my smartphone. Click here for the Flickr page and full-sized image.)

By the way, the building this tag is on is the same one you can see in the background of this older pic:

In Ruinen


Pre-Release Rainbow Aggro-Control

Hooray, Dragons of Tarkir is almost there! And because I chose Kolaghanbased on rushing the opponents with Dash, my sleeves were oddly fitting. Screamreach Brawler and Reckless Imp really pulled their weight, while Scion of Ugin didn’t do player damage even once. Grumble. Dragons are overrated.

Trains in Watercolour

During a recent stay at the hospital, I had the opportunity to experiment a bit with watercolour. Never really having painted before, it turned out to be much fun and also yielded some results that I can show without being ashamed. They are already buried in the deep, dark tunnels of DeviantART, but now I have my own personal blog, I believe they deserve to be on it. 🙂

CD This here was my first attempt to paint one of my railway photos, and it shows. Colour’s too thick in most places and many things lack structure (like the tracks, for example). By the way, the station shown is Usti n. L. (Czech Republic), and shows my first sighting of a class 380 multi-current engine.

fsNumber Two I like better. It shows a E.444R (“Tartaruga”) in Roma Termini station. I like the FS colouring scheme quite a bit, and the tracks turned out better this time around.

Tatra-fertigGoing back to Czechia, this scene is based on a photo taken in Prague. I don’t really like it, but apparently some other people do. Man, people are hard to paint.

Praghln-fertigAnd last but not least, there’s this scene at Praha hl.n., which unfortunately my scanner didn’t really like. I think I overcompensated for my earlier over-colouring and used too much water this time around in many places.

What I want to try next is a more naturalistic style, compared to the rather cartoonish style I’ve been doing so far. I have my own set of watercolours now, so nothing can get in my way.